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will you be my valentine ?

So is it really already valentines day this Monday?! I feel like it was just thanksgiving! I love love Valentines Day. It gives you a reason to go buy your special valentine cute stuff and most of all gives me an excuse to overly-eat sweets without feeling guilty:) If anyone this year is feeling down about not having a valentine I say be your own valentine! treat yourself to some chocolate, or a nice dinner. At least you don’t have the stress of trying to track down the perfect gift, you can sit back and relax:)anyways..back to the purpose of this blog, I wanted to try to do more ‘crafts’ this year oh and more baking too. I am not one to have patience though.. I love  things to be perfect on the first try and usually, with crafts, that is just not how it goes unless you’re a professional!

So I mentioned on my face book fan page that I was interested in starting a weekly craft blog. I don’t plan to do anything ‘too’ crazy. Mostly just fun stuff that can spruce up your home on a dime, and make you kitchen smell yummy with some way cute holiday treats! I love food, and specially sweets! Actually I think almost everyone loves sweets. With Valentines day approaching I decided to write my first craft blog of the year. I am attempting (hence the word attempting) to make a del-ish treat called  red-velvet cake pops. I will show a tutorial of how it’s done along with images of the entire process. Here is an example of what I hope they will look like when I am finished!:)(tutorial will be posted monday on feb.14th)

Red- Velvet pops! can you say yum!!!!:)

now..it’s time for some Valentines Day cuties! Aren’t they so cute! Happy Saturday!

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