Lindsay & Jason |Trash the Dress Session|

Lindsay ( a long time faithful client of mine :) who has a beautiful baby girl Miss. Riley) was down to trash her wedding dress! (Most people wonder why a person would want to trash their wedding dress? Well I guess it’s not for everyone, but if a bride|groom would like some neat pictures to remember their special day than this is the way to go! I know my wedding dress is sitting in my closet collecting dust, and with two little boy’s I don’t think I will be handing my dress down anytime soon!)

Lindsay and husband Jason braught neon paint and squirt guns! We drove out to a vacant field and they had a war! It was super fun to capture these photo’s and despite the horrible baksersfield heat they were troopers and we got some pretty neat pics..Thank you Lindsay & Jason for being creative and willing to do this! :)

It’s about to go down! :)

One thought on “Lindsay & Jason |Trash the Dress Session|”

  1. wow.. nice and colorful :)
    It seems that Lindsay and Jason had a lot of fun trashing each others clothes..
    Are you still in touch with Linday?
    I am interested in buying the trashed wedding dress as is, no cleaning required. So don’t toss the dress, we can still use it!
    This is a serious request and for a good work.
    Please feel free to contact me at for more information or pass my request to Lindsay
    Your help is needed and appreciated!
    Thank you so much

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