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Holden Conor is two! | Bakersfield Childrens Photography

My sweet little Holdie is officially two years old!! I woke up this morning thinking, how did this happen?! I know I sound like every parent but I truly feel like time has just flied by these last two years (his name is Holden, but Parker his big bubba has called him that since the day he was brought home:)and needless to say, ‘Holdie’ has stuck in the family!).

I could go on and on about my sweet Holden, because he means so many things to our family so I will list just a few ūüėČ

He is the baby, so loving, cares for others feelings, loves Mickey-Mouse, Super-man and ‘The Sandlot’¬†loves his sweets! specially¬†cup-cakes and fruit-snacks-crazy about super-heros, loves anything muddy or wet (that child keeps me busy with messes! but it’s okay…) great kisser, loves his Big Bubba and Baby Emma so much! horrible sleeper, tells¬†us all¬†regularly he ‘Wuv’s us too muchhh!’¬†he is many things, but most of all he is our Holdie and our baby that is growing up to be such a sweet young boy..Happy Birthday son, you’re so loved and we are blessed to call you ours!



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