Baby Austin | Bakersfield newborn photography

What can I say? newbie Austin did amazzzingg! He was any photographers dream! let me pose him however I wanted, slept the entire time, even cracked a sweet smile for me!  Baby Austins’ parents are both in the education field and they had the clever idea of incorporating their profession with this session by using a school desk as a main prop! I was so excited to help them capture this image of little Austin in a school desk, I feel it came out perfect! He even slept in the desk! lol Here are some images from our newborn session, warning these photos will make your heart melt! :)


Tis’ the season…(but it’s only October…?)

Hey everyone! or whoever reads this blog I should I feel negletctive to my blog at times! I forget to post new stuff for weeks at a time before mustering the energy to write a blog. I love it though, don’t get me wrong… I just don’t get much alone time between being a  busy mother to two toddlers and juggling photography. Needless to say, with fall approaching I plan to write many more blogs showing off latest work with the Holiday season near (yayy!), DIY (do it yourself) tutorials on home decor, cooking, and do it yourself home improvements because this is a new big hobby of mine!


I wanted to advertise my Christmas ad, it will only be through November and the first week in December and spots are going quickly, yes it’s only October but never too early to be thinking about Christmas portraits. I look forward to working with my past clients, and new clients..I just love the holiday season! :) Happy Fall! oh and isn’t this Bakersfield weather oh so nice? I am sure looking forward to my pg& e bill being cut in half! :)