David & Priscilla | Ventura Wedding Photographer

Priscilla and David got married at a beautiful golf resort in July 2011, in Ventura, Ca (thank you guys for being SO unbelievably patient with me blogging this!) They were so sweet to Matt and I (my hubby) and made us feel like family! Priscilla chose red to accent all her wedding colors in and it looked perfect! Priscilla’s birthday actually landed on her wedding day so she had two wonderful reasons to celebrate that day! They said their vows outside with immediate friends and family to witness. The lighting was just right (love outdoor weddings) and everything went so well! We got to ride in golf carts to take the wedding parties photo’s which was fun! Matt second shot for me and did awesome! I really enjoyed working with him and having a creative mind  helping me capture things I never thought to take photos of…Priscilla & David, thank you for everything  you both were such a pleasure to work with, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and blessings! here are some high-lights from their big day!


Arvin High Cheerleaders | Bakersfield Portrait Photographer

undefined Hi ladies! I have uploaded all images on my proofing page, I did not upload buddy or team photos because the gallery only allows so many images to be uploaded , so to each girl who purchased a package your photo’s are up, some will have four images to choose from others will have two, that is because each package varied as far as poses went.

 Below I will list the instructions on how to view them and how to pick your images. Each photo on the proofing page has the package description of what each girl purchased, I will upload a picture also reminding you of what each package includes. These photos will be up until next Wednesday (August.10th,2011), please choose them before than and email me at J.michellephotography@yahoo.com with the image description..if you would like two different images for poses please include a detailed description of what you would like along with the size and include the name that is on the proofing site. I will order the images as soon as everyone places their orders, and if girls do not get in touch before the (August.10th,2011) deadline I will choose the prints myself based off what I think would look best..thank you again for having me apart of the 2011 cheer photos!

    Instructions on viewing cheer images:

    link to view images click! :):  http://jmichellephoto.com/viewing/

    Password to get into gallery: Arvin1

    Please email (emails only please) your print choices to: J.michellephotography@yahoo.com