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I am totally posting blogs from weddings that took place weeks ago (ugh)…I have yet to find the secret on keeping up with a blog. I really do love posting them and  I will slowly but surely post a blog on each wedding couple this year…I promise guys!!! :)

Aaron & Danielle are such a great couple together, and a a cute one at that :) They said I do in the back-yard of a close friends beautiful property on April.2, 2011. The weather was so nice considering that it had poured the day before. The rain must of washed away all that smog because the clouds were so fluffy and clear. Danielle was such an easy going , sweet, and pretty bride and she was down for whatever..:) The property has some horses on it so we took advantage of their willingness to be photographed and snapped a few photos with them. Danielle’s son Preston (the handsome little red head) was adorable in his little mans suit and cracked me up with his expressions, such a ham! I  loved the colors Danielle picked for her wedding, lime green and hot pink, they looked fabulous together! After the ceremony family said heartfelt toasts to Aaron & Danielle and they celebrated the night away with laughter and dancing. Danielle accidentally tossed her bouquet on the roof and the d.j. had to climb up there and get it! (there is a picture of it below of course..lol) I had a wonderful time shooting their wedding and they were so nice to me and my assistant. I wish the best for you guys as you start your new lives as a family together…God Bless!


                                          As I was getting ready to leave for the night, Danielle’s dad told me that Preston had passed out on some lawn-furniture! music was still going but little man was callin’ it a night :)


clarissa + manuel | bakersfield wedding photography

Clarissa and Manuel are truly the sweetest couple, they are very family oriented, strong in their faith, and overall genuine people. They got married April. 2, 2011 in Delano, Ca at a beautiful church where family and friends witnessed them with a  beautiful traditional catholic ceremony. The stained glass windows in the church were so colorful and pretty! I was mesmerized by the inside of the church :)  They followed with a reception at a nearby facility where many more family and friends came to celebrate. Clarissa and Manuel had a mariachi band that was awesome! they belted out song after song and never seemed to loose energy! I had a very good time photographing their wedding, they made my job so easy! congratulations you two, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, blessings, and health!


Mothers Day give away!

Hi everyone! As you know..Sunday is a pretty important day for anyone that is a mother, or who has a mother in their life. It’s a day to show appreciation for all that they do to make our lives happy and easier! With that said…I will be giving away a little gift. I want you to visit my blog..and write why your mom means so much to you.. I was going to give away a pedicure gift-certificate but some fans wrote me saying that they don’t live here in Bakersfield, so how would they redeem it? Good point. I have decided to give-away a free mini-session (including a photo-disc, that’s a 200$ value!)  instead to whoever wins… and if you don’t live here than maybe next time you’re in the Bakersfield area, you can redeem it. The winner will be chosen on Monday evening and posted on here and my fan page. ..so be sure to check this blog out periodically!

I appreciate two women this mother’s day…my mother and my mother in-law who both do so much for my family.

Sandy (my mama)- Thank you for always being a good mom, and providing for me Jaclin and Jeffery.You and Dad have worked hard in life to make our lives better than your childhood was and it’s taught me to want the same for my boys. I appreciate you being a good listener, great  friend, sweet  Nana to my boys, and ear to yap to early in the morning and late in the night. You raised me to be strong, never take no for an answer if it’s something I truly want, and to be a humble and honest person. I will never forget how much effort and planning you put into our beautiful wedding and I will never know how you managed to plan a huge wedding in two months..lol I admire the love you have for your children and grand babies…I love you! Happy Mothers day!

Vicki (my mama in law)- Thank you for always having a positive outlook  on things even when the road is stressful…I admire that about you…you’re a hard worker and being a single mom raising three children, one of them being my husband I know wasn’t easy! I appreciate all the kind-hearted things you do for my family like making us dinner, helping out when we’re sick, and taking the boys off our hands when you know me and Matt are about to loose our marbles! . Your son has been faithful, kind, loving, giving and hard-working husband, he is a great daddy to our two sons, I believe you have definitely rubbed off on who Matthew is today… Parker,Holden and Emma are lucky to have a great Nana like you in their lives… happy mothers day! love you!

Rules: Comment on ‘this’ mother’s day post telling me why your mom means so much to you…that is it..all you gotta do to be in the drawing..must show your comment on here with your name/email:)

thanks! and good luck!

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little miss marley owen….

 The Crane Family just added a new little bundle of pink joy to their family, and her name is Marley Owen :) I have been so busy with weddings it was refreshing to photograph a newborn. Marley is a few weeks old and already smiling! Her big brother Alden was busy running around (he is 2 yrs.) but stopped to get in on the action in a few photos below. I was in love with Marley’s hand painted lettering that was hanging in her bedroom…her mom said her sister painted them for her. I loved checking out all her dainty outfits that were perfectly lied out in her crib. I now photograph at families homes when I get called for a newborn session..It is easier to get natural shots, in a natural setting I feel…here are some images from our shoot..enjoy!