Benny, the bunny…

Easter is right around the corner..(literally as in two days) I planned on blogging this weeks ago-but time got away from me as usual. As a little kid my Mom taught pre-school and always had fun and clever activties that she would share with my siblings and I to keep us busy over summer and easter break. One of my funnest memories was making an Easter bunny basket from an old milk plastic milk jug. I thought Parker (my 3 yr. old) would really love this because hes at that age where he will sit down and focus (well sort of..:) ) I have some photos of how to make your  own and very inexpensive easter basket with your kids, or nieces and nephews. It’s a fun and memorable activity to have your little ones participate in, I had fun making this with my Parker-man…here is a little tutorial I threw together, although it’s pretty simple as you will see from the pictures..Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! we love Easter over here at my house!

First off, start with a plastic milk jug, (I washed mine with soap and even threw it in the dish-washer to get rid of that old milk smell, cuz it ain’t nice to have that reeking in your home!)

-I cut the front of the milk jug so there would be a direct opening (for easter eggs and candy of course!:) leave the handle to the milk jug on, I accidently cut my first milk jug too much and it didn’t work out, but it doesn’t have to be even, the cotton-balls will cover the plastic.

-after it is cut, start applying those cotton-balls!

-for benny’s face I used a black sticker I had at home, you can make whiskers with black pipe cleaner or get creative and do anything you want!

-lastly we applied the eyes and mouth/nose and let benny dry!

maribel | downtown diva

 oh…maribel…what can I say about this pretty girl who was full of smiles?! she nailed it.  maribel contacted me a few weeks prior to our session – she wanted some new photos of her to send her boyfriend in iraq (aww) there is nothing more that i love than a confident gal who enjoys being the only one in front of the camera, and boy did she work it! we shot downtown and the sun was bright with a cool windy breeze going on- we discovered that we actually went to high school together which was a fun little fact to know :) go blades! as we walked around and chatted downtown we went to the roof top of a parking structure to get the ever-so-chic padre sign in the back, the lighting was so nice, i really have grown to love local spots in bakersfield, specially downtown, although it’s super popular it’s a great spot! maribel’s  beautiful eyes and her long dark hair that was blowing in the wind made every photo look so natural. i really enjoyed this shoot, she was a downtown diva for sure! here are some photos from our session :)


lacie’s princess party | spoiled rotten

I am so behind on blogging it’s not even funny! With weddings every weekend until June (say a little prayer for me to stay on top of it all! :) lol) I haven’t posted every session, just don’t have the time it seems..anywhoo- this is an adorable post with photos from Lacie’s 5th birthday party. Her Mom contacted me and said she wanted some pictures of  her daughter’s party (which is such a good idea, it’s hard being a party host along with making sure things go perfect for your childs party and playing photographer) and I about died when I walked into Spoiled Rotten Boutique and saw all the costumes sparkles and lavish goodies they had for Lacie and her friends! It had everything my 5 year old little self would of loved! I was a total girly girl as a kid and this place hosts princess themed birthdays! Lacie and her friends were pampered all evening. They started with getting their  hair and make-up personally done by a stylist, visited with Cinderella, ate pizza, than kariokked and danced the night away to Justin Bieber , Katy Perry and Kidz Bop…this party was adorable and such a cute idea for little girls-too bad they don’t have something like this for boys! I would be their number one client! ha  (Photos were taken on location at Spoiled Rotten Boutique in Bakersfield, Ca) enjoy! :)