Taylor | Wasco Senior

Taylor was all smiles during our senior session  shot in downtown Bakersfield. She wore the perfect wardrobe and her big brown eyes shined with ever picture I took. Her Mom told me Taylor has been accepted to the University of Utah for a softball scholarship (totally awesome huh? :) ) and I know that Taylor has a very successful, and bright future ahead of her. Congrats Taylor and good luck with your journey in Utah as a college student!

Baby Knox | 14 days old

I have done it again…been lagging so bad with posting my latest work. I love to blog, it is just super time consuming, but in the meantime of me getting around to actually posting a blog, you can check out all of my latest work on my FB: fanpage :)

Baby Knox was such a pleasure to photograph. He was a very well natured baby, not mention oh-so-cute! I love the monkey-hat his Mom baught specifically for his newborn pictures. This month has been baby month! I love it..something about a newborn makes me so happy, they’re so sweet and innocent. I have about five more newborn blog posts to come..enjoy :)