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My baby is officially FIVE today.

Happy 5th Birthday to my Holden… I remember thinking he was never going to come out, almost 2.5 weeks over due and the quickest labor ever (2 hours) he finally he made his debut. Holden is such a caring, sweet, good natured little boy. Loves going to the movies, baseball, skateboarding and his big brother Parker, Sadie our lab, & can eat an entire pizza by himself (no joke)

Has to give me at least 20 hugs before I can leave him at school, tells me how beautiful and pretty I am just when I need to hear it the most, Prays for everyone and everything , has the best random knock knock jokes even though they don’t always make sense :)

Loves to skateboard and do “guy stuff” with Dad and brother whenever he can. He is such a blessing to our family, I know God has big plans for him! I really cannot believe he is 5, time truly flies.

We Love you so much Holdie!

Sarah & Nevaeh | mommy & daughter session | Bakersfield portrait photography, Mommy & Daughter photo session, J.Michelle Photography

there is something beyond special when taking photos with your child… in fact most Mother’s do not have the luxury of being in photo’s with their children because they’re usually the ones taking them! (story of my life)

when Sara contacted me about planning an intimate photo session with she &   5 year old daughter Nevaeh  I was smitten to be apart of something so personal. Every mother deserves her own photo-shoot with her babies, make it a goal to take silly photos with your kids even if it’s with an over the counter disposable camera that has film. Children grow so fast & it’s important to capture the moment, the chaos, the silliness, the beauty,  and the love..


thank you Sara for allowing me to capture these for you and your baby girl!



“Angels are often disguised as daughters”…

Michael is four, hear him roarrr!! | Bakersfield childrens photographer

Little Mr. Michael is tunring four next month! He and Parker (my son) are about three weeks a part in age (time just needs to slow down already!) His Mom Natasha (a dear friend:) wanted to show off his dinosaurs for this shoot because Michael loves them! we shot these Downtown, (Bakersfield,CA) and I cannot believe how grown up he is! Even sweet little brother Carter stopped by for a few smiles :) This is one adoreable skater-dinosaur-dude! Happy Fourth Birthday Boo-Boo!